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Investigate hacking Camino into shipping branding


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Per discussions in bug 343837 and on irc, and due to the unlikeliness of the NSS strings being fixed or of Core shipping a default branding package any time soon (bug 302309 comment 18), Håkan has volunteered to do some investigation of hacking us into shipping branding (for 1.1).
Now that we have a livable workaround for bug 343837, should we push this out past 1.1?
So it doesn't get lost, see bug 343837 for some discussion of what is involved here.
Yeah, we should look at this for 2.0, since bugs are starting to crop up in Gecko 1.9, but now we should be safe until then.
Target Milestone: Camino1.1 → Camino2.0
I'm putting my Camino work on ice for the moment. Sorry guys :(
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Not going to happen for 2.0; hopefully 1.9.0 is stable enough that it won't come up again.
Target Milestone: Camino2.0 → ---
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Since I learned how to do this some time ago (at least in the hack form), and since I needed to have brand.dtd defined for some ultimately-futile tilting-at-windmills in other places tonight, I present to you our very own branding hack.

TBH, I'm not sure it's worth our time/bytes to ship this (and although I still hold to what I said in the parenthetical last paragraph of bug 343837 comment 11, the fact of the matter is that "embedding" these days is " XUL apps"--who are completely broken in Core XUL files without branding--and us), but since I had the changes anyway, it seemed silly to just toss them without making a patch.  (Also, it would let us have one less dumb ancient bug open, whatever we do.)
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Sure; there seems to be no real downside here, and who knows what weird broken string we haven't run across yet ;)

Being the first line of defense is irrelevant at this point since we aren't building on trunk (and nobody cares about breaking this anyway).
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