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See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=198952
When clicking on the button, the button and the text used to disappear, but in current trunk builds, you can still see the text afterwards.
I'm not really sure what the right behavior is, but I tend to think that you should not see the text.

This behavior changed between 2006-01-25 and 2006-01-26, probably changed by bug 317375.
Posted file testcase (obsolete) —
Maybe this should be obvious, but why is the button being affected when it's outside the <grid>?
Posted file testcase
Simpler testcase, just the grid is necessary to show the bug.

(In reply to comment #2)
> Maybe this should be obvious, but why is the button being affected when it's
> outside the <grid>?

I have no idea. I would have thought that a <grid> would act from the outside more or less the same as a <box>, but apparently it doesn't.
From http://wiki.mozilla.org/XUL:XUL_Frame_Mapping#CSS_Display_Types :
Note that -moz-grid uses a BoxFrame, but it uses a different layout object (GridLayout2 instead of SprocketLayout)
Maybe Hyatt knows more?
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> Created an attachment (id=240122) [edit]
> testcase

In this testcase, the bug is that the button doesn't look like a button, not that the text is visible ... right?
I *think* what's happening is that the <grid> gives itself a max-width of zero, so box layout decides to give everything in the window width zero, so the button is width zero. However, the text label in the button is still drawn. What changed with bug 317375 is that we started to be able to paint overflowing children of XUL elements.

I'm not sure if we should treat this as INVALID or allow buttons to clip their labels. Any opinions?
The label should overflow the button. The crop attribute should be used to crop the label, but that doesn't seem to work :(

I don't think the grid should have a max-width of 0.
So this bug is really INVALID and someone should file followup bugs to address those issues :-).
I agree this bug is invalid, indeed the text should be shown. But shouldn't I also be able click on the text (which is part of the button)?

I filed bug 356413 for the grid max-width=0 issue.
I filed bug 356417 for the cropping not working for buttons issue.
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
Component: Layout: View Rendering → Layout: Web Painting
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