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prettify about:config warning


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Give the 'about:config' scary warning page some Camino branding.
per bug 303193 comment #33.

Reproducible: Always
Attached image screenshot of proposal
If you prefer the 'Scary Warning Title' to be coloured blue (similar to the colours in bug 303193), that is trivial to change.

I'm not sure what I've done is the 'correct' or 'best' way to handle this. Someone with more knowledge of XUL should correct me. I'll attach the modified config.css file next.
Attached file modified config.css (obsolete) —
  list-style-image: none; /* <-- set to none */
  margin-right: 3em;
  background: /* attached as data URI */
  width: 109px;
  height: 108px; /* matching size of image */
Confirming this ;)

I think we probably want to sync with the styles from bug 303193 as closely as possible (now that those styles are final), unless someone offers a compelling reason to the contrary.
Target Milestone: --- → Camino1.1
Ahem.  Clicking the right button first ;)  What was it Hicks said?  Shuffles feet and whistles?
Ever confirmed: true
Attached file screenshot, proposal 2 (obsolete) —
The 'Be Careful !' title in blue, better balancing the white-space around the alert icon.
Attached image screenshot, proposal 2
Ahem, correct mime-type... 
a disease :=)
Attachment #241286 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attached image screenshot, proposal 3
Larger type for the 'Be Careful !' warning message, some more white-space around that title.
While playing around with the Camino-alert icon image, taken form bug , I notice that the image has some 10px white, empty space to the left. For the purpose of testing I cropped it out, but that results in some slight degradation of the image, due to recompression.

Jon, can you attach the image in png format, without that empty space ? It should be about 100px wide.
Attached image Cropped Error Icon
Here we are. The extra whitespace was just me being lazy and not putting it into the CSS!
philippe, can you attach a modified config.css that does "proposal 3" (and includes the icon as data: of course)?
Assignee: nobody → phiw
finetuned some white-space (a pixel here, a pixel there), with Jon's image.
Attachment #240873 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Comment on attachment 242021 [details]
modified config.css based on proposal 3

Whoever checks this in (as embed-replacements/skin/classic/global/config.css) should probably add philippe to the contributor list in the file's license section.
Attachment #242021 - Flags: superreview?(mikepinkerton)
Attachment #242021 - Flags: review+
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modified config.css based on proposal 3

Attachment #242021 - Flags: superreview?(mikepinkerton) → superreview+
Checked in on 1.8branch and trunk.
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Keywords: fixed1.8.1
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Keywords: fixed1.8.1.1
Keywords: fixed1.8.1
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