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Need a markup widget to clear HTTP credentials


(Firefox :: General, enhancement)

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HTTP authentication should have a "Log Out" button, so that credentials are no longer automatically sent to URIs in the protection space.

This should be a button of some kind.
You can do this with Clear Private Data, but that's not exactly easy to get to.
Severity: normal → enhancement
A browser widget, or an in-markup widget? Both?
Summary: Need a widget to clear HTTP credentials → Need a markup widget to clear HTTP credentials
OK, the preliminary plan is to do an XBL thing, and see how that goes. It should get the backend in shape.
Component: Networking: HTTP → General
Product: Core → Firefox
Dolske, do you have context for what this bug wants to do and if it's still relevant, and/or should we just close as incomplete/wontfix at this point?
Flags: needinfo?(dolske)
I assume this bug is asking for a site-specific logout mechanism. You can clear the browser's entire HTTP auth cache for a session (comment 1), but can't selectively log out from a web site.

Given that browsers have basically worked this way forever, I don't think this is likely to be prioritized any time soon.
Flags: needinfo?(dolske)
Assignee: sayrer → nobody
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