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code cleanup: switch from %S %S to %1$S %2$S in and add comments for localizers


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code cleanup:  switch from %S %S -> %1$S %2$S in and add comments for localizers

this comes from dan's review of my patch for bug #329729

> Shouldn't these double-replacements use the %1$S %2$S syntax, plus
> a comment explaining to the translators what each part is?

Yes, you are right.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, other than I was following the existing updateName properties.

on the MOZILLA_1_8_0_BRANCH, I added these three comments before checking in:

# Note to localizers:  %S %S will become something like "Firefox 2.0"
introType_major_app_and_version=You can download and install %S %S now!
# Note to localizers:  %S %S will become something like "Firefox 2.0"
licenseContentDownloading=Getting license for %S %S...
# Note to localizers:  %S %S will become something like "Firefox 2.0"
updateMoreInfoContentDownloading=Getting more details about %S %S...

Note, see also:

for other instances where switching to the other syntax and adding a comment for localizers seems appropriate.

(I found those from doing
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Duplicate of this bug: 412793
I've cleaned this up and added comments but didn't replace %S throughout. I think it should no longer be an issue for localizers with the added comments so resolving -> wfm
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