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Set-Cookie with multiple values doesn't work


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HTTP requires that multiple instances of the same header be able to be combined into one header. E.g.,

Foo-Header: 1
Foo-Header: 2

is equivalent to 

Foo-Header: 1, 2

However, Mozilla does not recognise any cookie set after the first one in a single Set-Cookie header line.

This puts a burden on upstream implementations (server-side and intermediary); they have to either treat set-cookie specially, or not combine headers at all. This makes writing HTTP header libraries difficult, for example.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Send a Set-Cookie header to Firefox with more than one cookie on a line.
2. Examine the cookies in Mozilla's cookie jar and/or those that it sends back to the server.

Actual Results:  
Only the first cookie is sent, unless there are no parameters, in which case the second cookie is treated as part of the first.

Expected Results:  
Each cookie is set properly.

Both Safari and Opera handle this correctly. I haven't tested IE yet.
we normally handle this case just fine, so something trickier must be going on here...

please follow the instructions at this url to create a cookie log demonstrating
the problem, and attach it to this bug.
not enough information
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