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Remove reference to nsTransferable.js from customizeToolbar.xul on the trunk


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Bug 224977 removed nsTransferable.js on the trunk, since it's been copied into nsDragAndDrop.js (slightly broken) forever, but to keep Calendar in sync between trunk and branch, we need to #ifdef it rather than just remove it like all the other references have been. Unless, and I still have to test this, it wasn't ever needed in customizeToolbar.xul, because the broken part of the nsDragAndDrop.js copy doesn't matter.
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A fix which should look eerily familiar. You only need the copy of nsTransferable from nsTransferable.js on 1.8 if you are doing things like dragging email attachments, where you want to drop an actual image file on the desktop. Toolbar customization just drags around the ID of the item, so nsTransferable.js wasn't ever needed, the string-data-only copy in nsDragAndDrop.js is fine.

(Though I should admit I don't have a branch calendar tree, so my "testing" is based on 1.8 Fx, and worse yet I'll be begging for checkin so I don't have to pull one.)
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Fix v.1

everyone notice that philor is now a calendar hacker. let's assign him some bugs!

r=jminta, i'm sure lilmatt would be happy to check this in.
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Patch checked in on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and trunk.

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