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Toolbar: Ability to add menu items and recipients to the toolbar


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Penelope needs the ability, like Mac Eudora, to add any menu item to the toolbar. This makes it possible to create a toolbar button for almost every action in Eudora. Penelope needs the same ability. This, combined with the Mailbox and Transfer menus gives the user the ability to put any mailbox (or transfer to mailbox action) onto the toolbar.
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Unless I have missed something, Mac Eudora allows you to add any menu item, while Windows Eudora seems to act slightly differently - it has a set of buttons you can choose (haven't research this carefully). These should be merged for Penelope as I think there are some Windows buttons that are not menu actions and so can't be created in Mac Eudora.
I hope that other features of the Mac Eudora toolbar will be retained, too, such as:

ability to drag and drop messages onto a toolbar button (if the button is a mailbox)

having the button be underlined if there are new messages (again, if the button is a mailbox)
The ability to add menu items and recipients is supported in the latest penelope extension alpha. You can get the extension from:

Unlike Mac Eudora, you have to navigate through the customize toolbar dialog to add the menu items from a tree list.

Feedback is welcome.
I don't use the Toolbar in Mac Eudora and would be happy if it could be banished. It is nice that the Toolbar Icons are available for those who like them.

In the message box, I would like to see the less-colourful icons for Priority, Label, Who, Date, and Subject. The new ones are kind of hard to differentiate. Any chance of that? 
Arbitrary commands as toolbar buttons?  Yes, absolutely.  Another great power-feature of Eudora that Penelope really should have.
Contacts in the personal address book, menu items and other eudora and thunderbird supported actions can now be added to the toolbar.

A new bug will be created for "arbitrary commands" and URLs in the toolbar.

Look for version 0.1a11 or higher on:
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Summary: Toolbar: Ability to add arbitrary menu items to the toolbar → Toolbar: Ability to add menu items and recipients to the toolbar
I am able to add a (very large) Message Status pop-up to the toolbar, but I want a (small) button that sets the status to a specific value (I have buttons for Unread & Read on the Mac).

The pop-up cannot be clicked (or later triggered with a Function key); instead it requires popping up the menu, selecting, and accepting.
The pop-up also doesn't always work; a few minutes ago it was dim, but now it's usable. Not sure if it's broken for multiple messages or what.
I would like to be able to ad buttons to make an email with an personality, and even better with a certain template like in eudora 7.1
Target Milestone: 0.1 → ---
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