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Add MoodWatch to Penelope


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Should we add MoodWatch to Penelope?
-1 on this one.

Core email features should be the main focus. To me, this feature always felt like marketing needed another random feature to justify upgrade fees. "MoodWatch" clearly falls into the human domain, not in the computer domain. If people can't handle emotions in their emails by themselves, the computer is certainly not going to help them.
I agree. Forget this "feature"
Totally pointless
Ridiculous thing, this.
No, keep Moodwatch.  When you enable Tourette's Syndrome Eudora with x-eudora-setting:319=32, it quickly becomes one of the most entertaining features of Eudora ever.  This one has to stay.  And keep all the Dorner-isms like "Appearance Manager" in the Moodwatch dictionary.
More sizzle than steak; maybe when everything else has been fixed...
Entertaining, but not necessary.  Since I upgraded to version 7 from version 3, the only things that were flagged by moodwatch were mistakes, IMO.
I started to search for alternatives to Eudora precisely when, after I did an upgrade (to version 5?), I noticed that they had added that ridiculous and useless MoodWatch "feature", while still not supporting UTF-8 and not correcting some other bugs which I cannot remember.

I vote -10!
It isn't necessary, but is occasionally helpful.  Move it to the bottom of the list.
I think MoodWatch has one very useful function I think should be preserved.

When MoodWatch is active, a message has any "heat" at all, and the message is "sent" it is actually queued for delivery in the near future. This provides a few minutes for the author to have second thoughts and (perhaps) pull the message from the Outbox.

Many folks I've helped move to Eudora have a story of the "one time" this feature saved their bacon.

I don't think MoodWatch is urgent and could wait for it to come back, but I'd hate to see it go.
I never activated MoodWatch. It's useless for me.
Suggestion: Leave MoodWatch out of the Penelope plugin and (if at all) make it a separate plugin. It may be also of use for users who don't need the other functionality of the Penelope plugin.
I've never used it. I'd be fascinated to hear from anyone who does.

At the very least it should be put on the backburner if not forgotten.
I use it, everyone at home uses it, all the folks I've helped move to Eudora use it.  Many (if not all) of them have had the "queue, don't immediately send" feature of MoodWatch allow them to reconsider sending a "spicy" bit of e-mail, and were relived MoodWatch saved their butts.

I don't think MoodWatch is urgent and could wait for it to come back, but I'd
hate to see it go.
Priority: -- → P5
Severity: normal → enhancement
Of course it is not essential, but it might occasionnally be useful. Make it a separate add-on if you like,  do'nt let it go completely.
Penelope didn't see any activity in the vcs for the last 8 years, closing.
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