tabbrowser assumes req.image exists

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({fixed-seamonkey1.0.7, fixed-seamonkey1.1})

1.8 Branch
Windows XP
fixed-seamonkey1.0.7, fixed-seamonkey1.1

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Apparently req can exist, with req.image = null.  The bug exists in SM1.0.x and trunk, so it probably exists in SM1.1 too.

The URL is the image that caused this, but it's due to server bustage, which will probably be fixed.
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for trunk
Assignee: guifeatures → cst
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Version: Other Branch → 1.8 Branch
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for trunk

You don't need to check anything here, because you're already testing the status (although you could check the image instead of the status if you prefer).
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patch for 1.8

For SeaMonkey 1.1 final
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patch for 1.8.0

Do we want to fix this on 1.8.0 branch?
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12 years ago
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patch for 1.8

These two patches are the same, no? Also, isn't there some width code on the trunk in the fallback case?
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patch for 1.8.0

a? for 1.0.7, but we have no flag for that.
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Neil, yes, they're the same.  I thought trunk protects req.image.* with a check of req.imageStatus.

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12 years ago
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patch for 1.8.0

a=me for SeaMonkey 1.0.7
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12 years ago
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patch for 1.8

a=me for SeaMonkey 1.1
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I will land on 1.8.1 first, after Neil is satisfied with my answers.
(In reply to comment #7)
>I thought trunk protects req.image.* with a check of req.imageStatus.
Yes, it does... there are a lot of {}s which confused me initially.
Fixed on 1.8.1, will let it bake before fixing 1.8.0
Keywords: fixed-seamonkey1.1
timeless checked this in for me on 1.8.0 branch since I'm out of town.
Keywords: fixed-seamonkey1.0.7
I guess this is fixed since it doesn't affect trunk.
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11 years ago
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