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Throbber spins after document.write


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In Firefox 2.0 the throbber continues to spin after a document.write ... even when using document.close().
It seems only to happen if the document.write originates from a bookmarklet. Use the following code for a bookmarklet on the personal toolbar and press it a couple of times:

var ub=65535;var lb=1;for(i=0;i<200;i++){document.write(Math.floor((Math.random()*(ub-lb))+lb)+'<br>');}document.close()
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Dupe of Bug 81980. It stops here when using document.close().
The reason I mentioned that it doesn't stop with document.close() is because it actually doesn't stop with document.close(). That would make it not a dup of bug 81980. I have been a CC member of bug 81980 for more than a year so I am aware of that issue.
Do you have a testcase? This works for me...
Yes. Create the bookmarklet I posted in comment #1 and then use it a couple times.
That bookmark creates a new document at loads, then writes to it 200 times before closing it. If you click it again before the 200 writes are over (which may happen if you're clicking it many times quickly), a new document will be created before the close() call, which would make this an edge case of bug 81980.
You don't have to press it rapidly, just twice in the same Firefox session (and in the same tab/window without loading any other documents in between). So if you press it once, wait ten minutes and press it again you'll see the spinning throbber.
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Duplicate of bug: 81980
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