Identity editor needs a confirmation dialog on 'Delete'

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When editing Identities, it is ridiculously simple to mistakenly delete an identity you've already setup.  Without a 'Cancel' button, this is an irreversible one-click function, with somewhat dire circumstances.

Either the Identities editor needs a 'cancel' function to undo changes, or the Delete button needs an 'Are you sure?' dialog.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Go to Accounts->Manage Identities
2.Spend 10 minutes setting up a new identity
3.Instead of hittin [ok], the mouse gets jostled and you hit Delete instead.
4.Curse loudly.

Actual Results:  
Identity is gone with no recourse.

Expected Results:  
Prompted with "Are you sure you want to delete this identity?"
Confirming RFE.
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Bwinton, are you OK with this?

Mistakenly deleting and then recreating the identity may assign it a different id so existing messages referencing the old ID may now have a problem (like Drafts or Unsent). But for the user the identity will look the same (same address and other values) so he may not understand it.
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I think it's close, but not quite there.

As you can see in there's no indication of which identity was selected (and indeed, it wasn't the "" identity, so the dialog was both incomplete and misleading ;).  I suggest something like:
| Deleting identity for |
|                                                 |
| Are you sure you want to delete the identity    |
| test@test.test?                                 |
|                                [Cancel]   [OK]  |

In general, people don't read dialogs, and so it would be way better if we could support an "Undo" here instead, but since I suspect that's much more work, I think going this way is the best we can do in the short term.

So, ui-r-, so that I can see the new dialog wording, but other than that, it seems okay.

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(In reply to Blake Winton (:bwinton - Thunderbird UX) from comment #4)
> +-------------------------------------------------+
> | Deleting identity for |
> |                                                 |
> | Are you sure you want to delete the identity    |
> | test@test.test?                                 |
> |                                [Cancel]   [OK]  |
> +-------------------------------------------------+

Let's use "Delete" instead of "OK" here. :)
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Yes, undo would need more thought. Maybe in a new bug if somebody requests it.

I fixed the strings and button as you both requested.
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patch v2

Looks good.  ui-r=me!

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patch v2

Review of attachment 643592 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good. r=me
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As the originator of this bug almost 6 years ago, I'm ecstatic to see it resolved and committed.  Thank you everyone who worked on it!
Hi, thanks for your reply!
When you try a version of TB (17 and up) that has the bug fixed, please change the status to VERIFIED. Thanks.
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