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clean up sample plugin situation


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Right now we have sample NPAPI plugins in two locations:

- modules/plugin/samples
- modules/plugin/tools/sdk/samples

We should audit the existing samples to get rid of things we don't want any more and update things we do want (for example, get them building on Mac OS X). It looks like there may be some duplicate code between the two dirs, we should eliminate that. We should also maybe rename the sample plugin dir that is not in the sdk to something like "testplugins" so that there is a useful difference between the two. One dir could be actual presentable sample code in the sdk, the testplugins dir could be for plugins that are more for internal use.

This is basically a tracking bug for cleaning up our NPAPI sample code.
Depends on: 180199
No longer depends on: 180199
Depends on: 180199
I suggest adopting the following plugins directory structure:

modules/plugin/sdk: all sample plugins would live in here, the default plugin not being considered a sample plugin because we actually ship with it

modules/plugin/tools: would contain things like "spy"

modules/plugin/default: would contain the default plugin

modules/plugin/testing: would contain plugin testing infrastructure
Looks good, rs=jst for moving files around to match the above.
Reorganized plugin module files, updated documentation, organized sample plugins on trunk.

Closing this out since the big stuff is done, further SDK work will happen in other bugs.
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