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(Reporter: Josh Aas, Assigned: marcia)






12 years ago
Bug 167002 broke the single Mac OS X option down into multiple Mac OS X versions. I think this should be reversed. The reasons that it should be reversed apply to the Windows options as well, so this bug is about cutting down on all of the OS options - not just Mac OS X (though hopefully we can tackle that issue first!).

Here are some of the reasons to go to options like "Mac OS X" and "Windows" instead of having multiple options for both of them...

1. The expanded OS field is useless for developers because even though most bugs affect all OS versions, the field must be set to one particular OS version. This means that for the 99% of bugs that affect all versions, their fields are set to some random OS version. When I see a bug marked as 10.3, I can't assume that it means anything whatsoever, and if I cared, I would *still* ask in the bug no matter what that field said.
2. Every time a new OS is added (which happens much more frequently on Mac OS X than it does Windows), you have to regenerate any saved queries.
3. Every time I search I have to select a bunch of options instead of just one.
4. In general, the extra OS version are just noise that makes it easier to miss things in queries.
5. Having the menu set up this way generates more bugmail for everyone when people fiddle around moving bugs between OS version. Since most of the developers who fix Mac OS X bugs regularly don't use this field for anything, it unnecessary noise. I want to be notified when a bug goes from Windows to Mac OS X, but not when Mac OS X 10.3 goes to 10.4 because the latter means nothing.

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12 years ago
no. we've already had this discussion repeatedly.
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
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12 years ago
timeless - please do not resolve this bug. It is not assigned to you, and you do not have the authority to squash this discussion.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---

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12 years ago
well thank you for cutting asa out of the loop. and everyone else who has been involved. you have repeatedly gone behind everyone's backs in your efforts to make a change with which a sizable portion of the community disagrees.

stop it.

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12 years ago
I didn't mean to cut anyone out, especially not Asa. I know you talked to people in the community about the change, but you did not talk to the core Mac developers to whom most of these bugs are assigned and that is basically why this is happening.

See mozilla.dev.planning for a newsgroup discussion of this. Everyone can participate there.
Timeless, can you see how your actions seemed to leave out the Mac hackers?  So settle down, don't accuse or ascribe malice.


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12 years ago
From the discussion here:


The decision is for the immediate term to revert to a single MacOS Version.  Over the long run it seems advantageous to have subversions as a separate child field.
OK, This is done.
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