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[Mac Classic] menus in menulists should have same margin as menuitems


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Spin-off from bug 364620. The effect of not having the same styling is that if you have an icon in a menulist menu, the icon is too far at the right compared with the surrounding menuitem icons. Pinstripe doesn't have the issue, but I somehow forget to add it to classic.
JFTR: Pinstripe styles: toolkit/themes/pinstripe/global/menu.css#180 etc
This will fix the issue with menus in menulists. If you have a menu in a menulist with an icon, the icon does not line up with the label text anymore (same behaviour as menuitems). Not sure if it's too late for 1.1...
Assignee: general → stefanh
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Any chance of a before/after screenshot?
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Here's a screenshot. Note that I wouldn't mind having the icons left margin align with the left margin of the menuitem labels. But (iirc) that would affect the checkmarks as well - and they should not be aligned with the labels. So, this was a compromise when I did the native styling. What I did was that I forgot the menus, though. Note also that I have never seen any icon in a "real" mac menulist. Ideally, I would like one widget for menuitems with checkmarks and one other for menuitems with icons - now they use the same menu-iconic one.
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Fix menus in menulists

Removing obsolete request...
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Karsten, can you check this in on trunk, please? Some baking is always good.
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Fix menus in menulists

first-a=me, need one more
Landed on trunk.
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Fix menus in menulists

a=me for 1.1.1
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Landed on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH.
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