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incorrectly placed PR_MAX in pref width distribution of colspanning cells


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There's an incorrectly placed PR_MAX in the code for pref width distribution of colspanning cells.  The old code didn't really make much sense.  I found this while writing testcases related to bug 363144 and bug 363874.
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I'm not sure why I thought the old logic here was correct.  Since the span-pref and span-min widths on the columns are accumulated as *additions* to the min and pref (since it's easier to divide them up among the columns that way), I should have the PR_MAX outside the additions.  This is compatible with WinIE7 -- not sure why I thought the other way was -- or if I'd considered it.
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Note that the above patch is a diff against a tree to which the patch for bug 363329 has been applied.  That's why it's not a cvs diff.
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+#ifdef DEBUG_dbaron_off
+            printf("table %p col %d span: min=%d pref=%d spec=%d pct=%f\n",
+                   mTableFrame, col, colFrame->GetMinCoord(),
+                   colFrame->GetPrefCoord(), colFrame->GetHasSpecifiedCoord(),
+                   colFrame->GetPrefPercent());

Please move this code to the place where you deleted it first:
and remove the DEBUG_dbaron_off there.

I just forgot in my previous patch the following lines 

+  printf("\nm:%d c:%d p:%d sm:%d sc:%d sp:%d f:%d", GetMinCoord(), GetPrefCoord(),
+         GetPrefPercent(), GetSpanMinCoord(), GetSpanPrefCoord(),
+         GetSpanPrefPercent(), GetFinalWidth());
   printf("\n%s**END COL DUMP** ", indent);

with that change r+
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Makes sense.  sr=bzbarsky.  Sorry for the lag...  :(
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I really want this simple debugging code -- the other stuff spews out tons of information I don't need and is much harder to use.
(Or, at least, it's unnecessarily verbose and spread over too many lines.)
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Fix checked in to trunk, 2007-01-12 17:08 PST (-0800, America/Los_Angeles).
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