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Submenu popups seem to have incorrect frame coordinates?


(Core :: Web Painting, defect)





(Reporter: bzbarsky, Unassigned)


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1)  Apply the patch from
2)  Try to select an item from a submenu (either the main menus or the context
    menu; simple thing is to try to do "View frame source" on the attachment in

ACTUAL RESULTS:  No response from submenu for hover or click.

EXPECTED RESULTS:  Submenus work.
Oh yeah. Menus just position their views and don't update their frame coordinates. Bah. Something to fix when I remove views.

Anyway, as I said in that other bug, we're not ready for that patch yet anyway because if view geometry is wrong, other things will get messed up.
Yeah.  I'm just making sure we have tracking bugs on the issues that need to be resolved to remove views...

I should note that there _is_ the code at that looks like it's trying to deal with this.  I assume it fails because GetOriginToViewOffset() is a bloody mess?
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Component: Layout: View Rendering → Layout: Web Painting
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