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remove nsTableFrame::GetBorderPadding


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Both versions of nsTableFrame::GetBorderPadding should be able to go away now that we have better APIs (one's a little tricky, but still doable).
Actually, though, I think the one that's a little tricky should be able to go away entirely, since it's in code that was intended for unconstrained reflow (although it's actually checking NS_FRAME_FIRST_REFLOW).
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So there was one use of each version of GetBorderPadding:

* The use in CalcAvailWidth would have been the trickier to replace (although it was only a few lines, constructing an nsCSSOffsetState).  However, I claim that I should have removed that whole part of the function during the reflow branch; anything that's supposed to happen only for the initial reflow is inherently broken, and in the case of table cells, what was then the initial reflow was always for intrinsic width determination.

* The use in VerticallyAlignChild is after the frame has been reflowed, so GetUsedBorderAndPadding is what we want to replace it with.  (Note that nsBCTableCellFrame overrides GetUsedBorder.)

The rest of the patch is just the resulting code removal and parameter removal.

reftests pass
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