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18 years ago
I save my outgoing mail in the local folder "Sent".  It is saved with Windows
line breaks, i.e. CRLF instead of just LF, which makes it annoying to read in
other Unix apps (even if mozilla itself doesn't care).  

Probably, some code somewhere should be using NS_LINEBREAK to get the right line
breaks for each platform.


18 years ago
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18 years ago
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18 years ago
Minor UI fixups to M18.  If this is incorrect, please adjust.

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18 years ago
This is reall a hassle to deal with when using other Linux apps to
view/edit/copy from these folders, and the longer it goes on, the more bad
folders are going to be out there.  Besides, it should be a one-line change
(just change a "\r\n" to NS_LINEBREAK wherever it's doing the writing).  Adding
nsbeta3 keyword, though really I think we ought to think about it for nsbeta2.
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Summary: Outgoing mail saved with Windows line breaks → Mail folders saved with Windows line breaks

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18 years ago
Rich, any ideas?

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18 years ago
If you are talking about the applications Sent folder (i.e. the Berkeley mail 
folder) these should be saved with CRLF line endings per the standards for 
RFC822 messages. This is not a platform specific issue. Now, if we save files 
to disk from the File-> Save menu and they are not platform specific, that 
would be the bug.

- rhp

Comment 5

18 years ago
RFC822 does specify CRLF as a separator for things like message headers, but it
doesn't say that this applies to saving local files, and it also includes the

        During transmission through heterogeneous networks, it may  be
        necessary  to  force data to conform to a network's local con-
        ventions.  For example, it may be required that a CR  be  fol-
        lowed  either by LF, making a CRLF, or by <null>, if the CR is
        to stand alone).  Such transformations are reversed, when  the
        message exits that network.

which seems to indicate fairly explicitly that it is not intended to conflict
with machine or local network linebreak standards.

In any case, our folders should be compatible with other mailers, editors and
other software on the platform, which means it should use platform line breaks,
just like we always did in previous versions of netscape.  Otherwise it seems
like we're trying to lock people into using our mailer by making our output
format nonstandard.

Comment 6

18 years ago
4.x stores local mailbox files using platform-specific linebreaks. Compatibility 
with other mail clients would be harmed on Mac if we were to do otherwise.


18 years ago
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18 years ago
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18 years ago
second pass: - per mail triage
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17 years ago
removing mail2 keyword.
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17 years ago
reassigning jefft's bugs to naving
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17 years ago
moving to future milestone.


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