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background-clip and background-origin broken on line/column/page-broken frames


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background-clip and background-origin don't work correctly whereever border and padding are skipped because a frame is broken over lines, columns, or pages.  Patch, with testcases included, coming shortly.
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This is the current state of my patch (minus the image the tests need, which I should check in, which is just a copy of ).

Tests 3 and 4 fail because -moz-background-inline-policy assumes border-box, rather than following either of background-origin or background-clip, which I think it should.

I haven't yet figured out why test 1 fails, but I think it's some sort of block pagination issue.
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Filed 2 bugs (bug 368079 and bug 368085) on the failing regression tests.
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I've also commented out test 2, which fails in reftest but not just testing in the browser, and filed bug 368157.  (Commented out rather than marked failing because I suspect the failure could be platform-specific.)
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Fix checked in to trunk.
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