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[MSFT-8883] Utilize OpenWithProgids registry keys


(Firefox :: Installer, enhancement, P5)

Windows XP




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This guarantees the app is listed in the open with recommended list. See this bug's URL for more info.
Summary: Utilize OpenWithProgids registry keys → [MSFT-8883] Utilize OpenWithProgids registry keys
Description of the Problem: 3rd party application icons not removed from 'Open With' window when access is disable using Set Program and Defaults.
Detailed Steps to Reproduce the Problem:    
1. Install Window 7 Operating System
2. Install Firefox and Netscape applications
3. Created html file
4. Used ‘Open with’ option 3 applications were listed: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape.
5. Disabled access to Firefox using Set Program Access and Defaults Guidelines
6. Disabled access to Netscape using Set Program Access and Defaults Guidelines
7. Observe behavior. 

Tester/Developer Notes: 
Tester installed Firefox and Netscape, created a html file and when you 'Open With' you can see the 3 applications (Internet Explorer, Firefox & Netscape). I disabled access to Firefox and Netscape using Set Program Access and Defaults Guidelines. The applications where not removed from the 'Open With' menu.
Some findings with other browsers when using this option:

chrome - states you have to uninstall it to disable access and offers to open the Programs and Features control panel.

IE 8 - disabled access and it is not shown in open with. Enabled access and ui is shown stating it is enabling access but it isn't listed in open with for .htm or .html files after it is finished. Note: I didn't verify if it was displayed in open with prior to performing these steps.

Safari - disabled access and it isn't shown in open with. I was not able to re-enable access because the check box was already checked on reopening because it didn't set the registry key for IconsVisible to 0. After a bit of investigating it turns out that it is setting itself as the user's default browser instead of just enabling access by showing its shortcuts and setting open with. Not sure what else it is doing but it is definitely not being a good neighbor as I see it especially since this ui is for system level configuration and not the user's.

Opera - disabled access and it is still shown in open with. Relaunching set program access and defaults showed the checkbox still checked.

Not sure if any or all of this is due to something on my system but in the end all I can say is "wow, what a clusterf**k".

This is one of the reasons that I haven't implemented this as of yet... the other is that it isn't clear that this is all that valuable.
besides all that...
chrome, opera, and safari don't show the shortcuts when enabling access as they should... bleh
Looking at your notes, are you planning on fixing this issue or are you dropping it as not "that valuable"?
We are still planning on adding support for this but it is a low priority.
We are still receiving error reports. Has this moved up the priority lists at all? Thanks.
With Bug 404541 fixed it has moved up on the list but I doubt it will be fixed for 3.5... perhaps 3.5.1. Can you provide some details from the reports?

One item of note is that we never add Firefox to open with though I do believe that explorer or some other part of the OS does. Is there any documentation available regarding this so we can know specifically what needs to be removed?

Hope this will answer your question.
Those are for the user's OpenWith and not the ones an app would add. The Set Program and Defaults when run by one user can't modify another users HKEY_CURRENT_USER values. Is an app suppose to remove the user's values as well as the values for all users under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE?
What I will do is do a regmon on a well behaved app on what it changes when it is hidden, and send the output. Would that help? 

Also, do you know if they've(Mozilla) looked at the official samples on how to do this properly that were developed for ISVs from the Technical Committee?

 Would like the regmon?
What needs to be done with the keys to be added by the app is fairly well understood. What isn't clearly understood is what the app should do about the keys when they are added by explorer. I don't think the regmon output will help all that much... I'll be looking at this some time in the next months or two.

We have the guidelines provided by the Technical Committee and I have a copy of regmon.
Have [you] tried looking at the sample code that the TC put up? 
The sample app does work. (from dev)
Yes I have and I do plan on implementing it. What I'd like to see are the docs regarding the removal the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry keys added by explorer.
In theory explorer should not be adding any keys, Can you supply the list of keys added by explorer?
I'll check which keys specifically are added when I work on fixing this... for reference, we don't add these keys currently and according to MSFT-8883 we need to remove these keys that are added (most likely by explorer).
Type: defect → enhancement
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