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add java applets to testing


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We do not have an automated way to test these yet, but we do have a list of applets that would be worth using in testing.


This page has a list of URLs with applets we could use.
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Here's a list of the Java applet sites I routinely use for testing (in no
particular order).  They're mostly ones that have given me some kind of
trouble in the past.  Some of these sites are very well known (like and  I'll include them anyway for the sake of
completeness.  Many of these use LiveConnect to some degree, but the last two
specifically target LiveConnect, and the liveconnecttest one is the best
LiveConnect test suite I've ever seen. (click on map and choose "loop") (best I've ever seen) (also LiveConnect)

And here are three more, all bank sites.  The first one uses a Java applet
with a visible UI.  The second two use applets without any visible UI, which
get their input (via LiveConnect) from JavaScript objects.
Here's another site I sometimes test with, that makes very sophisticated use
of a Java applet.  To see the applet you need to do a search and click on the
"Map View" tab.
This is great.

We will have to mark which of these would be relocatable. In other words, with some of these, we would be able to download the files and use them for testing locally. For some of these, such as the banking sites, we will not want to try this.

But it is good to know about all of these. Thanx.
You're quite welcome.  I'm glad is trying to formalize its
Java applet testing.

I understand why it isn't feasible to relocate the banking sites.  But
you'll need to be careful not to test them too much at any one time --
otherwise the sites' owners might think they're under attack :-)
I test with the applet on this page (uses "object" tag)

Here is a simple java applet test page that an be easily copied and automated:

It will test that the replaced element is renderd in the correct position and that it is re-sized correctly when it's containing html is re-sized by javascript.
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> As best I can tell, all but one of the bank sites from comment #3
> have stopped using Java.  But sometimes banking services aren't
> available on weekends, so I really need to recheck on Monday.  I'll
> do that and post another comment.

I've confirmed this.  Only the following (of the three bank sites)
still uses Java:

Also, since comment #10 the site has been shut
down, so the following link no longer works:

The pages have similar functionality.  And
here's another stock charts site that's still available	(one that uses
Java applets):
There may be resources in the OpenJDK project that can be used for this effort.
> (click on map and choose "loop")

This page no longer uses Java :-(

But there's at least one NOAA page that still uses Java to dynamically loop weather maps:
The HTML <applet> element and related java functionality was removed from Gecko in Bug 1279218. Marking related bugs as invalid.
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