Revisit alarm dialog dismissal/snooze user experience



11 years ago
8 years ago


(Reporter: Matthew (lilmatt) Willis, Unassigned)


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blocking-calendar1.0 +


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11 years ago
Spin off from bug 355755

> c) the right fix for this bug is autosnooze in combination with alarm window
> state persistence.  Both of those bugs could be fixed here, or it'd be
> reasonable to start with autosnooze and spin off state persistence into a bug
> for later.
Using Sunbird 0.8pre (20071215) closing the dialog now silently snoozes all reminders still shown in the dialog. 
This behavior was probably introduced with Bug 341576.
Depends on: 341576
Christian will be thinking about how this should best be solved. I'm not sure what is meant with "alarm window state persistance".

Comment 3

10 years ago
IMHO a good and reasonable solution would be to just autosnooze in 1 second, or maybe 1 minute...

It would assure the visibility of the same alarms on next startup or after restart - I would agree to not care about the state of the dialog (minimized, item order, ...) - the main goal is to be reminded to the remaining alarms!

Comment 4

8 years ago
Does the "alarm window state persistance" means that the alarm window would reappear on closing and restarting?
Flags: blocking-calendar1.0+
Whiteboard: [not needed beta][no l10n impact]
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