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Allow QueryInterface to IAccessible2 without crashing


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Windows XP
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Because of the startup crashes in bug 376239 I had to back out these 2 lines from nsAccessibleWrap::QueryInterface() :
  //else if (IID_IAccessible2 == iid)
    //*ppv = NS_STATIC_CAST(IAccessible2*, this);

So the QI to IAccessible2 will no longer succeed.

We need to figure out what the mismatch is between versions of the screen readers and IAccessible2:
- Have they been revving the IID between versions of IAccessible2?
- Does the crash go away if we upgrade to the latest screen readers and copies of the IA2 IDL?
Surkov, you might want to check through all the IDL changes and see if there's anything else we need to do.

I've tested this with Window-Eyes 6.1 Beta 2D and it no longer crashes. On the other hand, Window-Eyes no longer works once we allow the QI to succeed. We'll have to recommend they turn IA2 support off by default for Firefox, at least for now until we know what we have. Otherwise Window-Eyes 6.1 users may not be able to use Firefox 3 at all.
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Update to the latest IDL and fix get_uniqueID() so it doesn't try to use *null

Thank you for the work. I'll put new version with minor changes.
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1) events introduced by not longer existing IA2 events are removed
2) fix role mapping
3) no longer existing methods are removed

I still have a crash but I guess it's because we use different versions of Window Eyes. IA2 guids should be really changed every time.
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forgot to add new files
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checked in
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