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Black regions during unminimizing/unshading/opening Firefox/Thunderbird with Compiz


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When using compiz (with either one of "animation" and "minimize" plugins enabled), during the unminimizing, unshading, and opening animation, some parts of the Firefox/Thunderbird window (especially toolbars, menus, and status bar) initially appear as a black rectangle (for a while).

This annoying bug is visible in Firefox, Firefox 3.0a4, and Thunderbird

As explained by David Reveman, in these Mozilla applications the sync request protocol (_NET_WM_SYNC_REQUEST in the EWMH spec) is apparently not supported as it should be.

The problem was discussed here on Compiz mailing list:

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install and run compiz
2. Make sure either "minimize" or "animation" plugins are enabled
3. Try shading/unshading and minimizing/unminimizing Firefox/Thunderbird windows.
Actual Results:  
Black regions in Firefox/Thunderbird window during unshade/unminimize animations.

Expected Results:  
The window contents should be fully ready and visible during unshade/unminimize animations.
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looks indeed like a feature worth considering for gecko ... can't tell how hard it would be to support that feature though
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Alexander, I noticed you have a patch to call gdk_window_enable_synchronized_configure and gdk_window_configure_finished in a bunch of appropriate looking places up at  It looks good to me, but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.  Is it worth trying to get this into the tree, or are there known problems with that patch?
unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce this bug on my own. I asked someone to test it and he said it wasn't fixed.

However, it might just be that this patch misses a few places. If someone has an idea which places I might be missing, I would be happy to extend that patch.
I can confirm that this patch doesn't fix the problem (when applied to mozilla sources as of 2008-01-31).
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