Get profile roaming working in suiterunner builds (extensions/sroaming)



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Profile roaming won't work in suiterunner builds due to the way it interacts with the profile (?).

We're going to leave it enabled for the time being, and if anyone wants to help with getting it to work, please do. Hopefully biesi can fill in a couple of the gaps as to what is not working.

Note that bug 377242 is a Summer of Code project which is working towards roaming profiles for Thunderbird.
it's not working because it uses libreg to store data in the profile registry, and suiterunner doesn't use libreg for the profile list. instead it uses a plaintext file format.
but I think this is basically the same as bug 249343
I Agreed with Biese.

If you take a look at the patch or at bug 249343 comment 8 or at the marked as duplicate bug 249185, this one is strictly a duplicate.

Someone disagrees?
I've changed idea (too fast).
I'll folow the TB example and just put this as depending on the other, we may require some adjustments.
Depends on: 249343
Mailnews will soon be xpcom_obsolete free (sometime in the next week I guess), the only thing stopping building suiterunner without xpcom_obsolete is this bug.

I'd really like to stop building xpcom_obsolete in suiterunner especially given sroaming is the only part that will block us. I think we should do one of the following:

1) Don't build sroaming for suiterunner
2) ifdef & stubb out the nsIRegistry/libreg stuff (so it'll still work in xpfe - or if someone wants to turn xpcom_obsolete back on)
3) fix this bug ;-) (I don't know if looking at bug 125617 would help here).

I think given previous discussions I'd like to do option 2, as I don't see option 3 happening soon.
Depends on: 379818

Comment 6

9 years ago
If someone will work on roaming profiles, it would be great to solve a general problem, too:
The profile should be splitted in a small basic part (which is always local) and parts, which can be remote.
This basic part has to contain the proxy preferences, which enable the access to the remote parts. This is essential if you have to use a proxy to get internet access.

Comment 7

8 years ago
WONTFIX. The old sroaming will not be revived, we better should invest in getting Weave to work with SeaMonkey and replace everything we need to share between installations.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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