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Need to write release notes for the 0.5 Calendar Release


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This is a tracking bug for the release notes for the 0.5 calendar release.  If you have any issues that are NOT bugs that need to be covered by our release notes, please mention them here.  Bugs should be tracked via the relnote keyword.
Lightning 0.5 release notes (draft):

Sunbird 0.5 release notes (draft):

Common issues for both apps (draft):
The drats mentioned in comment 1 have also been moved to the Calendar website, but they aren't linked to from anywhere yet.

Due to the fact that we release Sunbird from mozilla1.8 branch the site [] should also be updated for 0.5. At least on Windows Sunbird also runs on Win 98 SE and maybe Win ME and Win NT. I don't know if the other platforms needs update too.
I doubt that we should claim to support win98 (and win2000 even), due to the lack of official timezone updates. I've been told that there are registry hacks for those OSes, but I couldn't find them. If they exists, we should link to them, and maybe even check on startup if they have been applied.
Otherwise, we will get yet another influx of bug reports about events being off by an hour.
I changed the system requirements to include Win98, Win98SE, WinNT, WinME and OS X 10.2.

I also added a new known issue to both the Lightning and the Sunbird release notes, which state that using our apps on those systems may cause the problems that mvl describes. I also added a footnote to the sysreq page, stating the same thing.
There are unofficial patches for the timezone issue on Win98, Win98SE, WinNT, WinME and Win2000. Should we link to those patches in the release notes?
Assignee: ctalbert → bugzilla
Blocks: 380164
I like the way the issue of the older Windows OS's is currently being handled on the website release notes. I think that adding a link to these unofficial patches to that will be fine, as long as we tell people that it is an unofficial patch.  Users of several of these OS's should be fairly accustomed to "unofficial" patches since Microsoft stopped supporting several of these OS's some time ago.
Notice checked in for both lightning0.5.html and sunbird0.5.html

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