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add -moz-image-region reftest


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When I asked on #developers if |-moz-image-region: rect(0px, 1px, 1px, 0px);| would result in a 1x1 or 2x2 image being used, bsmedberg replied with "could you write up a reftest for that?"

So, I sat down and did one. I'm not sure where exactly to add this test though - and I couldn't actually run it as a real reftest yet.

Note that -moz-image-region is supposed to be XUL only, so I did this as XUL files.
OK, I at least did run the reftest locally now and it passes as it should.

Still, I don't know what directory/list to add this reftest to, does anyone have a good idea?
I'll suggest a new directory named css-extensions, but I don't think it matters all that much.
As proposed by jwalden, this adds the test into a new css-extensions/ directory.
Along with the text-format files included in the patch, it also needs the two PNGs from jar:!/ added to that dir.

Who can review this so I can get it in?
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OK, just as a reference, I did run a current trunk build with the reftest in this new dir and correctly get this (both when running the dir alone and the full set):

REFTEST PASS: file:///mnt/mozilla/src/mozilla/layout/reftests/css-extensions/image-region.xul
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add test in new css-extensions/ dir

Requesting review. This adds a reftest for our CSS extension of -moz-image-region.
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I don't think css-extensions is a good name for a reftest subdir. I would call it moz-image-region or something.
OK, per IRC request from roc, re-requesting review on new patch with image-region/ directory
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Checked in.
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