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Many XUL widgets don't catch mouse events when they are placed above a titlebar element


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The <xul:titlebar> element allows a region of a window to be used to drag the window around - just like a title bar.

To make a window draggable you can create a stack with a titlebar on the bottom like this:
  <titlebar />
  <vbox mousethrough="always">
    ...xul goes here...

This works pretty well. For example you can click on buttons, but when you drag a label it moves the window. On the other hand many xul widgets do not work correctly. For example clicking on a text box doesn't focus it - the event passed through to the titlebar and a window drag begins.

We're moving to this dragging mechanism in Songbird and I'm preparing a patch to toolkit to add mousethrough="never" to XUL widgets that should receive mouse events.

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I don't see any issues here. Do you have a testcase?

There shouldn't be any mousethrough attributes added.
I've got a very simple test-case at:

it works with "firefox -chrome"

It has a stack with a titlebar at the bottom (coloured so we can see that it takes up the whole region). On top there is a label that we can drag to move the window, a button which works as expected, a textbox that cannot be focussed with the mouse and when dragged moves the window and one with mousethrough="always" that works as expected.

I've only tested this on Linux. I suspect that the difference between the button and the textarea are native vs toolkit widgets. I'll have a better idea of the state of the other platforms next week.
Attached file That test-case
Here's that test-case
So what is the bug here?

Buttons have an implied mousethrough="never" so they pressing them will work even in the presence of mousethrough="always", although I don't actually know why buttons are special cased like this.

Any other element that should accept mouse events should have mousethrough="never" on it, as the second textbox does.
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