Open Bug 383940 Opened 15 years ago Updated 14 years ago

Use separate icons for "toggle multiline/singleline header pane" and "toggle multiline/singleline email address list header value"


(SeaMonkey :: MailNews: Message Display, defect)

Not set


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(Reporter: mnyromyr, Unassigned)


Currently, both the "twisty" used to toggle between normal and brief header layout and the "twisty" used for toggling singleline/multiline email addresses are rendered as a normal twisty as used in trees etc.
This is quite confusing, because the former twisty does not make a long subject become multilined like the latter does for email address lists...
Furthermore, if we get other multiline header values (eg. as a GSoC "fallout" ;-) in bug 23114), having two identical twisties in front of the subject line will look *very* weird...

IMO, the singleline/multiline toggle should still be a regular twisty while the pane layout toggler icon should be different, maybe something along ↓/→.
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