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need baseline data for talos


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need 1 to 2 months of seed data for talos running under buildbot. Both branch and trunk required.
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Is this the bug for tracking historical results (e.g. re-running old builds)?
As mentioned during phone call today it would be useful to do this breadth-first if possible.  E.g. single builds a week from 1.9 branch point August 12,2005)

Ccing vlad/pav to correct me if I've sending you on the wrong path.
schrep: sounds dead on to me.  Getting those would be great.  One we have per-week data if we see big changes it might be useful to fill in that week with more data, but getting per-week done would be awesome.
ok, we were initially going to start running from about May 9th to present, but can adjust this to try to grab nightlies from branch point forward.
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we now have trunk baselines going back to aug 18th, 2005.
Baselining efforts were completed some time ago.

Also, we know have enough machines on all platforms testing 1.8/1.9/2.0 that comparisons of different branches is trivial.
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