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Update credits list to include some more people


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I was going through the 0.5 buglist <> and found a few people, who should be added to the credits section:

Markus Adrario
Cédric Corazza
Berend Cornelius
Tony Goold
Ferdinand Grassmann
Christian Jansen
Philipp Kewisch
Luc Mousseau
Norbert Püschel
Phil Ringnalda
Sebastian Schwieger
Andreas Treumann

I also think that these three people should be removed from the list, as they haven't provided any significant contributions (patches, QA, etc.) in the past:

Mike Beltzner
Mike Connor
Majken "Lucy" Connor
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beltzner, lucy and mconnor have all provided significant help from a UI-design point of view.  Lucy also spends a fair bit of time helping QA various ics-provider bugs in IRC.  Whether via IRC, phone meetings, or in person, they've each contributed significant hours to helping out both in terms of process and in terms of actual UI design.  My personal vote is that they stay.
My proposal is based on the current requirements that I see in the current list:

Everyone, except the three people I listed, has either provided patches or contributed significant (I'll explain later what that means) QA efforts. 

The additions are based on these requirements. All people except Andreas have contributed patches. Andreas is working full-time on Lightning/Sunbird QA together with Ulf. Both their efforts are far greater than the QA efforts of other people (maybe with the exception of Damian Sczepanik, who should probably also be added).

This bug is not about disregarding the contributions of beltzner, mconnor and Lucy, but about identifying the core contributors to this product.

This bug also somewhat reflects the current way the credits are handled at Firefox (where the credits have been morphed from "everyone who contributed in the past" to "everyone who contributed to the last release") or Thunderbird.
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I added some more people:

- Sven Giermann has provided about a dozen patches. 
- Damian Szczepanik has done significant work on the QA side, filing, triaging, 
  confirming and verifying bugs. He has also written tons of litmus testcases.
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Patch v2

I agree with joey: beltzner, lucy and mconnor made significant contributions, and should not be removed from the list.
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Also, keep in mind we are pre-1.0. I think there is no need to shorten the list right now. If the credits list gets to long, we can still think about morphing the list to those that have made contributions for the last release.
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Patch v2

Please leave this patch alone, until Daniel has made a decision.
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IMO everyone who helped you get to 1.0 should be in the 1.0 credits.  Disregarding that I'm a person in question, I think when you're doing 1.0 it is right to err on the side of gratitude.  People might not have made long term contributions but they might still have been valuable and significant in the context of going from nothing to 1.0.  

Taking myself for example, I gave a lot of UI advice when mconnor and beltzner were too busy and before you guys had your work paths on what to do about UI decisions in place.  I believe I was added when I was added because this allowed people to sanity check and get back to work rather than arguing over UI.  In the context of how I helped and when I did it, I believe it counts as a "significant" contribution where I would totally agree with taking my name out for the next version if I don't get back in the loop - i.e. at the time giving UI advice was significant because no one else was doing it, now, it would be less significant because you have paths for that. I believe the above reasoning also applies to beltzner and mconnor.

But back to my original point, if someone felt at some point that someone made a valuable enough contribution to the project to add them, and keeping in mind that it would have been past project leaders approving the additions, it would be a little tacky to "take it back" before 1.0.  (For the record Firefox only alters credits for major releases as well).
For reference: is where each of the contributors in question was added.  As that bug makes clear, dmose, lilmatt, and myself were all in support of it.  (I realize I have surrendered my decision-making ability now, but I was a peer at the time.)  mvl has now put his name behind the decision too.

Second, from my understanding of the review system, comment #6 is just wrong.  Reviewers are meant to be interchangeable, and part of the requirement for being a peer is the recognition that your decisions will be in line with those of the other peers.  That is, if one peer rejects a patch, it can be presumed that that is the decision of all the peers (barring exceptional circumstances).  You don't get to play reviewer-tag trying to get an r+ from additional reviewers.
In an effort to move this bug forward, I'll split the patch into two patches. One patch for adding contributors and one patch for my proposal to remove some past contributors.

This is the first patch to add the following contributors with a short rationale for the inclusion:

- Markus Adrario (contributor of various UI improvements)
- Omar B. (significant QA contributor)
- Cédric Corazza (l12y patch contributor)
- Berend Cornelius (significant patch contributor)
- Sven Giermann (contributor of patches to better align the LT & SB front-end)
- Tony Goold (patch contributor of the Mac OS X 10.3 0.5 release blocker)
- Ferdinand Grassmann (contributor of various patches)
- Christian Jansen (UI expert)
- Philipp Kewisch (contributor of GDATA provider and of various patches)
- Luc Mousseau (contributor of various patches)
- Norbert Püschel (contributor of various patches)
- Phil Ringnalda 
  (patch contributor, especially in the area of unforking some toolkit stuff)
- Sebastian Schwieger (contributor of various patches)
- Damian Szczepanik (significant QA contributor)
- Andreas Treumann (significant QA contributor)
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Attachment #270560 - Flags: review?(daniel.boelzle)
This is the second patch to remove the following contributors:

- Mike Beltzner
- Mike Connor
- Majken "Lucy" Connor

The reasoning has been stated in this bug before, so I will not repeat it here.
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Patch to remove contributors

IMO we shouldn't shorten the list before 1.0.
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Checked the add-patch into HEAD and MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH.
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Summary: Update credits list to include some more people and remove people with no significant contributions in the past → Update credits list to include some more people
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