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Windows Vista




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Currently, to sync a calendar with a nokia phone, you need to use nokia pc suite ... and microsoft outlook

Even the new windows vista calendar cannot synchronize with Nokia PC Suite (last version

It will give a pretty advantage to Thunderbird/lightning and /or calendar if the calendar could be sync with Nokia PC Suite

any contact with the nokia team?

(PS: There is an extension for TB called NokSync
It uses an API to use Nokia PC Sync remotely

But it synchronize only contacts (even if the screenshot show also "calendar")
(a feature bug is entered on sourceforge about lightning: )

AND ... the used lib didn't works with symbian nokia phone:

I add this citation:
"It seems that the solution is to BUY access to the API's for the Symbian-based NOKIA phones! 
Please see 
As I (Henrik aka. KaarPoSoft) does not own a Symbian-based NOKIA phone, I am not personally going to devlop NokSync further to support such devices. 
However, if anyone else wants to do that, please be my guest. 
I will try to do what I can to support the development efforts, but as I do not have the API's, nor the device, my means will be limited... "

--> so, maybe this guy can help to implement this, with support of MoFo
I'd prefer a solution that is platform independent and does not rely on any software being installed on the mobile device. I already spend a hell of a lot of time on this topic and I already have a working prototype that can synchronize with any SyncML compliant device. This prototype is platform agnostic and doesn't need any software to be installed on the mobile phone. I already mentioned this a week ago on IRC and I'm going to write an architectural summary on the wiki. This solution is going to cover all the aspects of synchronization, the intention is to come up with a generic solution instead of anything that is tied to some specific API, device, platform and anything like that. I'll post any news on this topic as soon as I finally had some time to write my ideas down.
There are a lot of bugs floating around regarding sync, and most of them can be solved with syncML.  Can we have a new bug that follows the syncML work and mark the rest of these as dependent on it?

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10 years ago
A good begning to the sync addon is to create a addon that download firmwares (or drivers) from all famous mobiles.

Not only nokia!
Iphone and HTC (android) too...
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