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mozilla-central .hgignore file is incomplete


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Not set


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"hg status" should skip over:

  * Emacs ~ files
  * directories pulled from CVS

The way to do this is to add the right regexps to .hgignore.
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(The previous patch deleted regexps for CVS directories.  Mistake.)
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.hgignore patch

OK, after a cup of coffee I think the first patch is the correct one.  CVS directories shouldn't show up in your Mercurial repository, with the exception of the cvs-trunk-mirror repository.  So I'll check the first patch into mozilla-central (and not cvs-trunk-mirror).
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CVS directories *do* show up when we're doing import from CVS, and so .hgignore must continue to ignore them. Please don't change this, as it's important ;-)
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bs: Just talked with luser about this on IRC...

I think we should only be doing import from CVS in cvs-trunk-mirror.  If a CVS directory showed up in your mozilla-central or actionmonkey repository, it would mean something weird has happened somewhere, and you might as well know about it.

So this change would be bad in cvs-trunk-mirror, but it makes sense in mozilla-central (where it's committed right now).

Or so the theory goes.  Let me know.
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