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tabbed interface for DOMI


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Now I can inspect desired element in new window. But I think it would be great if I can inspect it in new tab. So I can easy inspect several nodes at the same time by switching between tabs. When I select a tab then related node is highlighted. I guess it would be nice feature for DOM.

For ally tree it plays more important role imo. Some ally objects has related ally objects and we need easy to inspect these related objects. In this case tabable inteface looks a proper way.

Shawn, do you approve this?
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Blocks: a11yDOMi
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It sounds like a good idea, but I'd like to see some mock-ups.
Attached image mock-ups
looks ok? ;)
Hmm, I think screen real-estate is a serious issue here.  Also see the discussion in Bug 293325.

I think that this might be doable, but I don't like how this looks.  I agree that this is a useful feature, but we need to come up with a better way to implement it.  Maybe vertical tabs?  I'm not even sure if that is possible.
Summary: tabable interface for DOMI → tabbed interface for DOMI
some time ago I talked about this with WeirdAl, here some extract from our talk:

<WeirdAl_mac> surkov: um, have you considered the fact that there's not a lot of horizontal space in DOM-I available for that kind of thing?

<WeirdAl_mac> also, I look at that interface, and I get confused; it says to me that the right hand tabs are all for the same document
<WeirdAl_mac> heck, all for the same DIV element selected in the left-hand panel
<surkov> I think they should be for one and the same document
<surkov> but when you will switch betwen tabs then selected element should be changed

<WeirdAl_mac> oh.  the titles of the tabs confused me.
<surkov> they may be names as tagnames
<WeirdAl_mac> how will you tell one DIV from another?
<WeirdAl_mac> let's say you've got a tab open for each of the DIV tags in the left hand column.  How does the third tab (not panel, tab) appear different than the second?
<surkov> how the names will look?
<WeirdAl_mac> -- not to toot my own horn, but xpathgenerator (from bug 319768) could lend a hand
<WeirdAl_mac> well, think about it - what if the tab title was an xpath instead of just a tag name?
<WeirdAl_mac> you'd have to really shorten it, of course, to make it fit
<surkov> probably we may show too a tooltip that holds main properteis like ID, classname, tagname?
<WeirdAl_mac> that would be good
<WeirdAl_mac> well, you may want to find some other way to visually indicate that tab 3 belongs to a given node in the left hand column
<WeirdAl_mac> especially if the user starts dragging tabs around

<surkov> do you think vertical tabs would be suitable?
* WeirdAl_mac really hates how Venkman's source code tabbox can't have more than 5 tabs
<WeirdAl_mac> I don't know yet.  I'm saying this needs more careful UI thought than just "Let's stick a tab bar in there"

<WeirdAl_mac> there's also something else to consider:  what if the left-hand panel switches to, say, stylesheets?
<WeirdAl_mac> does that make sense to the user?  The left hand panel is showing them stylesheets, and the right hand panel shows them DOM node properties.
<surkov> so, probably they should be hidden until user will switch on DOM tree
<WeirdAl_mac> "maybe"
<WeirdAl_mac> my suggestion:  go with a menulist, and disable that or change the menupopup for it when you change the left-hand panel
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DomI is no more, closing as WONTFIX.
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