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Break should not be allowed at float/abspos placeholder


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Per description; there is not supposed to be a legal breakpoint where a float occurs in a webpage (per dbaron).

Fixing this correctly would require modifying the way we place floats because we assume placeholders will stay on a line once they are placed.

Note that no other browser implements this behavior (i.e. they allow breaking at a placeholder).

Simple test:
data:text/html,<div style="width:0">A<span style="float:left">B</span>C
Summary: Break should not be allowed at float placeholder → Break should not be allowed at float/abspos placeholder
(Note that this is probably quite easy to fix for abspos, but harder for floats.  Maybe I shouldn't have reused the same bug...)
Blocks: css2.1-tests
Blocks: 743599
The reason this is harder for floats is that to fix it for floats, we need to defer reflowing and placing floats until the first break opportunity at or after their placeholder (at which point we can decide whether they fit adjacent to the current line or are placed below it via mBelowCurrentLineFloats -- but they shouldn't go in either list until the break opportunity).  This change would also allow us to get rid of one of the two ways we set LINE_REFLOW_REDO_NO_PULL, and get rid of CheckPlaceholderInLine.
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IE8+ performance is the same as Edge.
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