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NSS headers should end up in dist/include and dist/sdk


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The NSS headers are currently shipped to dist/public/nss for reasons that elude me. But rather than trying to fix the NSS build system, I'd like to just copy these files over to dist/include/nss and dist/sdk/include so that they show up properly in the eventual libxul SDK.
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ted: the reason for the "public" directory is not "lost in the mists of time".
"public" contrasts with "private", a peer directory of headers private to 
the various modules.  

Benjamin: NSS will not be giving up on dist/public.  So the choices are
a) copy the public files to include (best done outside of NSS's makefiles),
b) use the usual "ifdef MOZILLA_CLIENT" in NSS Makefiles. In the latter case,
rather than putting an ifdef every place in the Makefiles that now contains "public", I would suggest conditionally defining a new gmake symbol, once,
and using that make symbol everywhere instead of "public".  BTW, if you 
propose this to change NSS makefiles, this should be an NSS bug.

I suggest that you propose your change in and let 
it be discussed there.  Things are slow there.  Expect a day or two for 
it to be discussed.
The first patch here implements option a)
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Alternate patch: make NSS headers go to dist/include in coreconf, rev. 1

This patch appears to unconditionally change "public" to "include". 
That's just not going to be acceptable.  Sorry.
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First patch landed on trunk.
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