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[FIXr]Make nsBinary*Stream::ReadObject/WriteObject work


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It would be nice to be able to deserialize and serialize individual objects via nsISerializable without having to create a fastload files and so forth.  This would mean we don't get single objects created for multiple pointers to the same object, but in some cases that's OK.

I considered using the "rv |=" pattern here, but some callers will actually care about errors, more or less... At least to figure out what went wrong.
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Proposed fix

Does something actually need these default impls?

Nit: can you use CallQueryInterface in nsBinaryInputStream::ReadObject to avoid ugly casting?

> Does something actually need these default impls?

Anything that wants to serialize things without a fastload file.  I'm planning to make use of this for serializing principals to base64-encoded strings for session restore for 1.9.

For Mozilla 2, as discussed we should have something better.

> can you use CallQueryInterface

CallQI is a template on its out param type.  I'd need to have an nsIFoo* for the right nsIFoo to use it.  All I've got is the IID of nsIFoo.  So sadly, no.
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Proposed fix

Sure, ok -- just making sure these are going to be used. I didn't write them, but I didn't mean to preclude them, way back when (FastLoad daze, 2001 IIRC).

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Summary: [FIX]Make nsBinary*Stream::ReadObject/WriteObject work → [FIXr]Make nsBinary*Stream::ReadObject/WriteObject work
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Proposed fix

This patch implements some back-end functionality we'll need to serialize principals for various consumers (feeds and session restore come to mind).  Risk is low, since no one should be using these methods right now.
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Checked in.
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