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Need Mac buildslave for Mozilla2


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(Reporter: ted, Assigned: bhearsum)



We need a Mac to act as a buildslave for building Mozilla2.
This would be based on a standard FF3/trunk machine, or are there extra things needed for Moz2 builds?
Priority: -- → P3
AFAIK we'll just use the current refplatforms.
Assignee: build → joduinn
Priority: P3 → P2
Question about Mac hardware: On TRUNK currently, we are using xserves. We had one spare xserve (xserve07), but it is on short-term loan to QA, as one of their machines died. 

Do you need an xserve? Or would a mac mini do?

(Part of me was concerned about switching Moz2 build to different hardware, but then I realised, I dont know if there are future plans to move Moz2 builds to mac minis anyway... Does anyone know?) 
I don't personally have a preference, nor do I know enough to make an informed statement.  It just needs to be able to build Firefox at a decent cycle time.
Need to setup hardware and install slave. Also, need buildmaster to handle Moz2 and TRUNK in addition to the 1.8 branch before we can close this bug. 

Havent been able to work on this recently, so putting this back in the pool for now.
Assignee: joduinn → build
Priority: P2 → P3
Assignee: build → nobody
QA Contact: mozpreed → build
Reassigning, as Ben is looking at this.
Assignee: nobody → bhearsum
Priority: P3 → P2
Blocks: 411538
bm-xserve17 is ready to go.
FYI, it's got our branch of Buildbot 0.7.5 on it currently.
(In reply to comment #7)
> bm-xserve17 is ready to go.
Should this be redone as a 10.4 (not 10.5) machine?
John, no. The 10.5 build machine is fine, as long as we're still using the 10.4u SDK. We don't want to use the 10.5 SDK until the deps of bug 417045 are fixed.
The Mac has been up for a week or so, closing this.
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