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messenger-overlay-sidebar.xul: undefined entity: customizeToolbar.label


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I've started digging a little into the lightning extension running under SeaMonkey. One of the first things that is obvious is a problem with the messenger-overlay-sidebar.xul that also contains the main menus:

Error: undefined entity
Source File: chrome://lightning/content/messenger-overlay-sidebar.xul
Line: 297, Column: 7
Source Code:
      <menuitem id="customize-mode-toolbar"

The problem is customizeToolbar.label and customizeToolbar.accesskey aren't defined. For running under Thunderbird, the lightning extension gets these from Thunderbird dtd files (see for more info).

Unfortunately, SeaMonkey doesn't yet have customisable toolbars and hence doesn't have those defined.

So we need to define them in one place or the other. I'm not sure what is best so comments would be welcome.
>  51   <!ENTITY % messengerDTD SYSTEM "chrome://messenger/locale/messenger.dtd"> %messengerDTD;
So we don't exactly have much choice ;-)
I think we probably will want toolbar customization in both browser and mail, and those probably need such an entity anyways, so it shouldn't harm to add it ;-)
Like we've agreed this adds the entities to messenger.dtd and at least gets us going. Not sure who to request review for this as its integration work so Robert will do ;-)
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> +<!ENTITY customizeToolbar.label                 "Customize...">
> +<!ENTITY customizeToolbar.accesskey             "u">

In all other places in Firefox and Thunderbird the access key used is "C". I don't see "C" clashing with anything inside the Show/Hide sub-menu which is the equivalent of the Thunderbird "Toolbars" sub-menu.
Uses C as the accesskey instead of u. I'd missed the fact that customize was in a sub-menu on the other apps.

I forgot to mention earlier, this patch will allow us to load the main UI into mailnews without errors. I haven't tested much beyond that yet, and hence other issues can be raised in other bugs.
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Add the missing entities to messenger.dtd v2

I haven't actually tested this, as I wouldn't know what specifically to test for. I think adding this doesn't harm and when it helps with getting Lightning to work, it's good to add this.

I'd expect that we need to add this string in some place for every window that will support toolbar customization anyways. We may want to change the string to "Customize Toolbars" or such, I guess we'll see about that once we implement this feature.
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Patch checked into trunk -> fixed.
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