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Add forget() method to nsCOMPtr and nsRefPtr


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I've been writing methods with the following signature:

  already_AddRefed<nsIFoo> bar();

In such methods I'm usually holding my to-be-returned value in an nsCOMPtr or nsRefPtr until the very end of the function. Returning the value of those smart pointers without unnecessary AddRef/Release calls is awkward:

  nsCOMPtr<nsIFoo> toBeReturned = do_CreateInstance(...);
  nsIFoo* outVal = nsnull;
  return outVal;

It would be much nicer if we had nsAutoPtr's forget() capability for methods like this. Then we could just write:

  nsCOMPtr<nsIFoo> toBeReturned = do_CreateInstance(...);
  return toBeReturned.forget();


Attaching a patch that implements forget() for both nsCOMPtr and nsRefPtr. The NSCAP macros confused me a little so hopefully I got those right.
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Oh, andd bz suggested fixing already_AddRefed to take an nsCOMPtr and do the swap-with-null automatically but I think that would be too "magic" and people would be confused by reading the code. But that's certainly another option.
Would it make sense to make forget() return an already_AddRefed<T> to start with?
Hm, yeah. This is better. And as bz suggested I've changed the internals to just use the already implemented swap methods.
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Attachment #277002 - Flags: review?(dbaron)
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Patch, v2 [checked in]

r=dbaron, although you might also want to add a test to TestCOMPtr.cpp and TestAutoPtr.cpp if they still compile and run...
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Patch, v2 [checked in]

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I had a typo and I was using IBar when all I really wanted was IFoo.
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Attachment #278619 - Flags: review?(dbaron)
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Patch, v2 [checked in]

Fixed on trunk.
Resolving, but still want to get those tests in.
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Tests [checked in]

r=dbaron.  Sorry for the delay.  I suppose non-automated is better than nothing, and we'd probably break something else if we actually broke this...
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Why can't this be automated, again?  Seems like it would be fairly simple, really -- I'd just ignore the existing tests, actually, and start a new one (cf. the new xpcom/tests/TestPipe.cpp versus xpcom/tests/TestPipes.cpp).  I don't really feel like the old tests are all that useful if they're not going to be run regularly, to be honest.
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Landed tests.
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