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Add functionality to generate hashes of xpi files



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9 years ago
I have added the ability to add updateHash for sha256 to update.rdf in my mccoy extension.  That bit works, but the resulting update.rdf is not usable, by firefox.


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Comment 2

9 years ago
I'm not sure where Comment #1 came from, but the extension to mccoy works and the update.rdf is usable by Firefox now. The xpis from use my extension.

I suspect the extension will only work for simple update.rdf files.

Comment 3

9 years ago
The xpis from also use this extension:

I found the tricky bit was getting the file:// urls given on the command-line right.

Here is an example command line that signs and adds <updateHash> to update.rdf under cygwin: 

mccoy.exe \
-sign file:///c:/cygwin/home/leni/wrk/xpi/update.rdf \
-key mccoy-xpi-updatekey \
-addOnFileName file:///c:/cygwin/home/leni/wrk/xpi/zindus-0.7.6-tb.xpi 

Notes for if you have problems:
- the file:// url for update.rdf given on the command line is passed to:
- this rdf tutorial notes that GetDataSourceBlocking requires absolute
  (not relative) URLs:
- you may find the error checking in the current release thin and the
  failure mode not enormously helpful when the file:// url isn't
  100% correct.
- but mccoy is a XULrunner application, so it's easily debugged,

Comment 4

6 years ago
Created attachment 557445 [details]
task tool lightfish.xpi
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