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sort out focus in popup panels


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The widget code currently expects all popups to behave as menus. However, this isn't actually the case and we have several panel popups, and more have been added recently (identity popup, places popup, customize dialog, etc). Panels should behave as toplevel windows, have no window decorations, may optionally roll up (gRollupWidget will be null if they don't), and receieve key and mouse events.
For instance, one issue is that popups are not made active or focused, yet panels should be focused as regular windows.

There are numerous bugs caused by this or that are harder to fix due to this.
Attached patch fix some popup issues (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch doesn't really fix the bug, but improves some problems with panels and focus behaviour in popups. It fixes bugs 395123, 395334 and 390178, and bug 124313. It changes the popup to have a parent so that the child popup is associated with the parent, moves with the parent and appears just over the parent but under other windows. It implements the 'dependent' window open flag on Mac. It also changes noautohide="true" panels so that they can only be used in chrome windows.
Assignee: nobody → enndeakin
Blocks: 124313
Neil: With this patch, the customization sheet (which is a noauthohide-panel) ignores all mouse events.
-'ing for now, but please argue for a + in the 1.9 meeting for this.
Flags: blocking1.9? → blocking1.9-
Whiteboard: [wanted-1.9]
Attached patch updated patchSplinter Review
This patch fixes the bugs mentioned above, as well as 400019 and 385609 in certain situations.
Attachment #280785 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Blocks: 385609, 400019
Summary: widget needs to support non-menu popups → sort out focus in popup panels
Blocks: 402499
No longer blocks: 390197
Flags: wanted1.9+
Whiteboard: [wanted-1.9]
Much of the stuff in these patches has already been checked in, or is part of other bugs. Going to just close this bug off.
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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