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initial activescript prototype


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I'm attaching an initial implementation of an ActiveScripting engine.  Note it does not work yet, but I'm hoping to check it in so I can ask sensible questions regarding interfacing with the VM.  See README.txt in the patch for details on what does work and how to use it.

Note that this engine is still officially a "prototype" - a final implementation may take a different approach.

The patch itself creates a tamarin-central/axscript directory.  The project itself (ie, project files, main .cpp filename, class names, etc) is generally named 'axtam'.  (I used 'axscript' as the directory name instead of 'axtam' as I guessed the former would be self-evident more than the latter).  All files except README.txt and the VS project files are stored with \n line endings, although this is not obvious from the patch.

I'm not (yet) asking for a formal review of the code (although that would be welcome).  I'm primarily checking the 'axscript' and 'axtam' names are acceptable, especially given this is a 'prototype' and may not resemble the final implementation, and that the location of the axscript directory (as a sibling of 'esc', 'shell' etc) is acceptable.
Why are you putting this engine in the Tamarin tree? It seems to me that this code embeds Tamarin and doesn't need to live in the same repository.
Benjamin, we talked about this a bit on last week's conference call.  Nobody had strong feelings either way.  If you think of ScreamingMonkey as an installer for Tamarin ;) then it definitely belongs in tamarin-central.  Mostly we didn't see much point separating them.
At today's weekly tamarin-devel meeting, there was more discussion about source location, and we still favor keeping this in tamarin-central:

* tamarin-central is still small, this isn't bloating it.
* We gain some (> 0) benefit in usability and discoverability, aiding quality.
* We can get more prompt build and automated test error feedback.
* We (I do, at any rate) hope to see this ship on Windows with Tamarin.

We can certainly revisit. The trade-offs may change. But for now this looks like the right decision to those who spoke up and have a stake.

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