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Allow anonymous posting in support forum


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As discussed , we will encourage users to create accounts, but not require it to post questions or replies in the Firefox support forum.

This will not be global - there will be a "contributors' forum" that only allows logged-in users (possibly of a certain group).
What about spam?
We'll have to have something like a captcha to prevent spam. I want to see what Tikiwiki does by default once anonymous posting is turned on.
I've added permissions for anonymous users to read any forum as well as create new topics, post replies, vote, create attachments, and report posts in the Firefox forum.

Ideally, anonymous users shouldn't be allowed to read the contributor's forum, but I can't find a way to unset global permissions on a per-forum basis and unsetting the read permission globally prevents them from seeing the forum listing.

Anonymous users by default must enter a captcha number, so that should be good enough to prevent bots.
On the Tikiwiki IRC channel, I asked whether I could disallow a user from reading a particular forum while still allowing them to list the forums. The response I got was that it wasn't currently possible.

We could restrict users from listing forums, but this would bring them to an error page if they tried.

It's not critical that anonymous users not be allowed to read the contributor's forum. We can still restrict them from posting there.
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