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If a page doesn't exist for the requested locale, TikiWiki should fallback according to the http accept-language header if not logged in, or according to the user preferences if logged in. The software should still maintain the locale string in the url, and in-page links to other articles should still use the original locale if they exist.

User visits, which doesn't exist in Swedish. Page served is the English version of ArticleName, but the URL remains unchanged. ArticleName links to another article, ArticleTwo. The user clicks on it, and the url changes to
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with the latest commits, this should be behavior now on support-stage. The following settings in the i18n admin panel have to be turned on (not on production yet so won't survive nightly syncs):

- Show pages in user's preferred language: x
- Detect browser language: x
Some comments after discussing on IRC and IM about this:

* Language strings should be case-insensitive, meaning an accept-lang of "sv-se" should serve "sv-SE". 

* Dialects of a language should be a prioritized fallback if the generic language is specified in accept-lang. Example: "sv,en-US,en" should serve a page in sv-SE, even though it's not in the accept-lang string, since the base language sv is.
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