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This is the tracking bug for a QA "Go" decision brought to a consensus by clouser/morgamic/myself, and any third parties who are currently using Kubla's test instance at (and its DE locale).

A decision based on quality isn't, I feel, limited to QA, especially given that webdev and publishers will have a better sense of how ready this is; still, this bug tracks whether the decision to push into Beta/production has been made.

Test Plan:

As of right now, I've completed the URL testing on those listed at:, as well as completed a fair amount of ad-hoc testing.

Remaining items are to:

1) More thoroughly test the publishing side of Kubla itself; I appreciate any and all help in testing this, as it's a little outside my usual purview as a web-tester.  I can give it a good top-down testing, but publishing refinements would likely best originate from the folks who will actually be using this  (This is obviously covered by its Beta period.)
2) Run a link checker that isn't fettered by LDAP auth, as Xenu seems to be (clouserw can probably help me with this)
3) Figure out--perhaps on the test plan page itself or just on the Kubla wiki somewhere--what it takes to ship to Beta/production, decision-wise; how many/what kinds of open bugs will we accept when rolling this out?

I don't really know how we want to track dependencies; the query is easy enough (since it's all in the same component), and the bug list small enough, that I think we can keep on top by simple queries.

Open and fixed bugs:
Whiteboard: [qa-p2]
clouserw: realistically, think any more work here needs to be done on my side?
changes from here are specific patches that can be reviewed when pushed.  I'd close this bug.
word -> closed; thanks (fixed, since I actually tested the original Kubla based off the URLs in comment 0).
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