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Show "Edit this page" and "Translate this page" links for users not logged in


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Clicking on the link (if you're not logged in) should show a page with a friendly and encouraging message, e.g.: "So you want to improve this article? Great! Here's how it works..."

There should of course also be a login box for existing users.
Please include "Translate this page" as well.

Nelson, is this a quick fix?
Summary: Show "Edit this page" link even for users not logged in → Show "Edit this page" and "Translate this page" links for users not logged in
Target Milestone: --- → 0.6
Something like {if !$user}link you want{/if} in the template is a quick fix. Putting the login box on by including the login box template is possible, but causes a PHP session to start, which turns caching off for that user. So that may be a consideratio.
ok. I will do a quick fix (and *if easily done*, I will put a custom error message)
Assignee: nobody → nelson
Sounds good Nelson.

To clarify, we're going to add the Translate this page and Edit this page links to article views even for people not logged in. Clicking on these links will take you to the login page, and upon successfully logging in, the usual edit/translate interface will show.

Ideally, we should use a custom login page that welcomes the potential contributor with text like "So you want to improve this article?
Great! Here's how it works..", but right now the pressing issue is making sure the links are visible for readers. This is part of the plan to make it clearer that SUMO is a community project.
done on support stage, with custom error message also.
Closed: 14 years ago
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v on sumo
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No link to the commit.

Basically, this would be a preference to show contribution-related links for anonymous. If they do not have edit rights, this will automatically lead to a login page.

Am I missing something?
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Sounds right to me.
Upstreamed with wiki_encourage_contribution
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