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[FIX] typeof Prototype == object since 2007/05/10


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Loading the following url results in an XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS exception for calling nsIDOMWindowInternal.scroll.

The offending line is..


.. where the script is probably trying to use jQuery's scroll function, but is getting window.scroll.

If I change the script to $("window").scroll(..), the exception isn't thrown.

This started happening with 20070510 nightly builds; the page works fine in Firefox and still fails with the latest trunk 20071018.

After doing some debugging of the jQuery $ function, it turns out it's going into the if condition on trunk because "typeof Prototype != "undefined"" and actually turns out to be object.
Oh, should have updated some steps now that I realize it's typeof Prototype causing the problem.

javascript:alert(typeof Prototype)

it should probably be "undefined" but is turning up as "object".
Regression from bug 370098. We should probably change Prototype to DOMPrototype at and maybe Constructor to DOMConstructor?
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jresig: How much of an issue is this with 2-yr old versions (0.30) of jQuery's $ function checking "typeof Prototype"? Should it only affect $(window) and a particular set of jQuery functions, so only a small number of websites should be affected?
Well, with this copy of jQuery, I would say that it's "not a very big deal" - HOWEVER - I would consider the introduction of a Prototype or Constructor variable to be a VERY BIG DEAL (and a very bad thing). I'm sure if the Prototype guys found out they'd have a coronary.

But yeah, if these variables are DOM-specific, then they should probably have the DOM prefix.
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Summary: typeof Prototype == object since 2007/05/10 → [FIX] typeof Prototype == object since 2007/05/10
should probably add a test for this before you check it in.
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Do we need to rename nsIDOMConstructor to nsIDOMDOMConstructor too?
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Yeah, I just checked this in and did the rename (interface only, not the file). Marking FIXED.
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