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Return key stops working




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10 years ago
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On Mac only, when I push enter, nothing happens. I don't know what triggers the problem, but the only way to ameliorate it is to restart FF.

The return key will be working fine, then, for some unknown reason, it won't work.

I have noticed this bug for many months, but have not been able to figure out what triggers it.

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10 years ago
I should note, it's not that the key doesn't work -- it's that Firefox ignores it. Pushing return key in a textarea or form element has no effect.
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10 years ago
This usually happens with Firebug installed (if we are talking about the same bug). Enter and tab works in a newly opened window, but stop working after a while (except that enter still works in the search bar, and also in the Firebug console, but only if the "large command line" option is turned off). Combinations like shift-enter and control-tab work fine. Happens on PC too.

See this threads for more information:

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9 years ago
i read up on this bug, and posted the workarounds on my blog:

did not find a fix yet :P

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9 years ago
After reading the comments on the blog and here, I'm beginning to suspect the problem lies else where.  While typing in forms and even basic open/save windows, the flashing cursor prompt, "|", often disappears, or turns into a busy state (rotating hourglass).  As long as the flashing prompt is at the end of the line I just typed, the return key always, works, but if it is no longer there, hitting the return key only highlights what I just typed, instead of doing its function.

Perhaps these two problems are linked.???  
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4 years ago
Resolved per whiteboard
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